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For collectors

RIZZORDI Gallery, founded in 2008, pays special attention primarily to contemporary Russian and Western Art and encompasses a wide range of genres (types) and techniques.

RIZZORDI Gallery takes advantage of the exhibition site and resources of Modern Art Support Fund RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION for implementing large-scale projects. It makes possible for the Gallery to deal simultaneously with artists, working in different genres ranging from actual to almost academic one.

The Gallery successfully collaborates with collectors and helps to organize personal collections of contemporary art as well as assists in choosing works for interior design to amateurs.

  1. Kosorukov Gleb
  2. Bella Matveeva
  3. Anatoliy Belkin
  4. Alexander Dashevsky
  5. Andrey Gorbunov
  6. Tatyana Podmarkova
  7. Peter Belyi
  8. Ivan Plusch
  9. Ilya Gaponov
  10. Yury Shtapakov
  11. Elis Kampinsky

Start-ups of young artists, working in academic style, are held in chamber display area 37 Sadovaya Str. (St. Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau building).

  1. Alexey Veryovkin
  2. Denis Oding
  3. Olga Nutels
  4. Lena Golovina

century artists works, being a part of Gallerys own collection, are due to be displayed at Russian Museum exhibitions and abroad.

  1. Eduard Zelenin
  2. Vladimir Pchelin

The price of works is available on request.


We create the collection today - tomorrow it will make history!