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29 čţí˙- 30 îęň˙áđ˙
MAGNETIC FIELD The MAGNETIV FIELD exhibition is one of the biggest projects of the parallel program of the European biennial of contemporary art MANIFESTA-10. More than 30 authors from 10 art groups will present their works on two floors of the RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION l
Olga Nutels: “Space Love” Rizzordi Art Foundation, Angleterre Hotel and art-agency Rizoma present an exhibition of paintings by Olga Nutels “Space Love”
Contemporary Art Gallery Association: TOTAL CONTEMPORARY The night of 17-18 June became the only night in the year when participating galleries “Contemporary Art Gallery Association" were introduced together in Loft Rizzordi Art Foundation venue for the first time in St.Petersburg with the support by National
RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION: «Street art», NIGHT OF MUSEUMS The first project by Loft Rizzordi Art Foundation
Edward Zelenin: "Edward Zelenin. Retrospective" Painting, Valanse Castle, France
Gleb Kosorukov: "100 Stakhanovites" A multimedia project, St. Petersburg
Aleksey Schepochkin: «Africa» Painting, St.Petersburg
Gleb Kosorukov: "100 Stakhanovites" Photography, GogolFest, Kiev, Ukraine