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Rizzordi Art Foundation

RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION was founded in 2009. The main mission is to promote the development of modern art, support young talented artists, integration of Russian art into the world art, creation of Modern Art Museum in St.Petersburg.

In the year 2011 RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION initiated the renovation of its own new exhibition venue called LOFT 4000m2, located in the historical building malt house: Kurlyandskaya street, 49.

RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION encourage private and corporate art collections. Our motto is “We’re creating art collection which will make it into history tomorrow”.

Educational programs, like conferences, workshops, lectures for adults and children, play an important role in the Foundation activities. RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION cooperates with Russian Gift of Life, USA. We also have our own Children’s Charity Foundation. RIZZORDI ART FOUNDATION for CHILDREN helps talented children to get education in Arts, develop their creativity and let them make contribution into organization and development of modern arts.